Sea Moment

This will be an unforgettable experience where you’ll get to know the MAISOR factory up close. We are a family business steeped in fishing tradition, and we work exclusively with species from the Cantabrian Sea caught by the Getaria fleet using traditional methods: anchovies, bonito, mackerel, sardines and others. During the visit to our factory we’ll explain the evolution and operation of the port of Getaria and the process of preparing anchovies in oil. It’s a painstaking task, since from start to finish it is carried out by hand using traditional techniques passed down through generations. The visit will conclude with a tasting of MAISOR products.

If you visit from Monday to Friday, you’ll be able to see the factory in operation.


Duration: 60 minutes.
Price per person: 22 euros per person (children under 12: 7 euros).
Groups: enquire in advance.

Gastronomy Moment
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Gaintza Moment
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Discover San Sebastian Moment
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My Moment
Tell us what would make your stay at Gaintza unforgettable.